What is Digital Microblading?

This method involves the use of a state of the art machine. It is an advanced type of Permanent Make-up that is kinder to the skin and has longer lasting results than traditional Microblading.

Permanent Make-up has been used by models, actors, and entertainers as a means of enhancing their appearance. it imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you choose.

Specialised, hypo-allergenic pigments are gently infused into the top layers of your skin where they remain, all day, every day.

As a Make-up Artist, I’ve worked on hundreds of faces so knowing what suits each person comes as second nature to me. Everyone is unique so, taking into account your colouring, face shape and features, I will tailor a look that’s just right for you.

Results will gradually fade over 2-3 years. To keep your permanent make-up looking fresh, people normally have a “colour boost” at around 15 months.


Benefits of Digital Microblading

So many people can benefit from this revolutionary treatment. whether it's brows, eyes or lips, digital microblading means that people can have one less thing to think about.

Digital microblading is great if you:

• suffer with allergies to conventional makeup or wear contact lenses. 
• have eyebrows that have been over plucked or have gaps that need to be filled in.
• have suffered with hair loss that has affected the brows or eyelashes.
• want your make-up to stay in place when you swim or go to the gym.
• want to save time on your beauty routine - your perfect eye liner/brow shape & colour will.
• have already been created for you.

Whatever your circumstance, digital microblading can have a positive impact on your appearance, resulting in a personalised ‘well groomed’ result.

Digital microblading is not suitable; 
• If you are pregnant
• If you are breastfeeding your child
• If you have blood disorders
• If you are taking certain medications, like blood thinners, for instance.

Please contact me if you have any questions. If you are in doubt, I recommend that you also check with your GP.



Eyebrows are vital for framing the face. Fuller evenly shaped eyebrows give a youthful, well groomed look.

I specialise in advanced techniques that all have fantastic results:

3D Hairstroke -  tiny hair strokes to mimic the natural brow.

Ombre - The brows are created with more definition at the end and underneath, graduating to a softer mist of colour at the front.

Shadow brow - For more of a statement look, choose the shading technique which is a bolder mist of pigment in the shade that you choose. This gives the look of pencilled in brows.

You might have an idea of exactly the brows you want. After discussion, I will take into account your face shape, features, skin, hair type and colour. I will then create brows that you're happy with and that perfectly suit your face.


Before & After

Tap the image below to see the before and after photos.


The techniques:

Lash enhancer - A lash enhancer is a fine line of pigment through the lash line. It is different from eyeliner and suits almost everybody. It is the perfect way to frame the eyes. Your eyes will have more definition without looking ‘made up’. People normally opt for black though you can also choose brown or perhaps a wash of grey which is great for blondes.

Eyeliner - Many people give up on liquid liner as they find it tricky to get the lines just right or they just can’t see properly to do it. I can give you a professional finish. It will then be swim, shower and gym proof. You don’t need to worry about makeup running and it is a great way to save you time. I can create a line as subtle or bold as you’d like. You can then rest assured that it will stay in place.

As with any procedure with me, you have complete control of the outcome. The line will be pencilled in beforehand and you will be able to choose exactly how subtle or bold you’d like it.

I use only the finest, medical grade hypoallergenic pigments which are perfect for sensitive eyes or contact wearers.

Please Note: It is not recommended to tattoo the ‘wet’ kohl part of the lid and I won’t carry out this procedure.



Can you tell me more about the treatment and what it feels like?
Digital Microblading involves the use of a specially designed cosmetic tattoo machine, which works at a much lower frequency than a general tattoo machine. It has a hand piece into which small needles of varying sizes are attached, depending on the treatment. The needle gently glides across the skin, implanting pigment evenly every time it enters the skins surface. The sensation is often described as feeling like an electric toothbrush being held against the skin.

Does it hurt?
I use anaesthetic cream to numb the area. For most people the treatment is quite painless, and more gentle than you might imagine. If your skin is particularly sensitive, a further application of anaesthetic cream can be applied. The aim is that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure - some clients feel so relaxed that they fall asleep!

How long does it last?
Age, skin type and lifestyle can make a difference. The younger you are, the quicker your skin rejuvenates, so someone in their 20’s would need a top up about once a year. If you are 40+ you probably won’t need a top up for a year to eighteen months.
Lips and eyeliners generally last about 2-3 years
UV exposure will fade the pigments more quickly.

What is the downtime?
The colour will be a little dark to start with, there might be some slight flaking and superficial crusts on the brows which are usually gone within a week. Any swelling or redness will die down within a couple of hours. There is a little more swelling with lips and eyeliners, but this will subside within 24 hours. Because of the above, it might be wise to avoid any special events for a week after treatment.

Is it correct that I will need a second treatment?
Yes. Following your first treatment, please allow four weeks before returning for your top-up procedure. At this time, I can check the colour and shape, making sure the pigment has implanted evenly.

What does the quoted price include?
The price quoted includes your initial treatment and your top up procedure, which you can have between four weeks and up to three months after the first one.


Digital Microblading

Whether It's brows, eyes or lips, permanent make-up means that people can have one less thing to think about!


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